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The Value of Honesty

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Bible verse: Proverbs 16: 12-13 "Kings detest wrongdoing for a throne is established through righteousness. Kings take pleasure in honest lips they value the one who speaks what is right."

Insight: This passage sheds so much wisdom on the value of honesty. Our honesty is necessary for the relationships we have with others and how we conduct ourselves. Honesty means being someone that is dependable because others can place their trust in what you say. It's easier to lean into dishonesty because more often than not, the truth is difficult. Instead of leaning into the ease of dishonesty, we should be attentive to the reality of what God has called us to do—speak what is right. Imagine going to someone during a hard time and asking them to keep it private and then they share it with an entire crowd of people—you'd never trust them with your personal life again! We are imperfect people who get to strive to be more like Christ every single day and be people who walk in truth. While others may let us down we should continue to should strive to be honest and trustworthy people.

Work Application: There are many different people who can take on the role of the "kings" in our lives, but the ones I think of most often are of the bosses we have. The only person we can control is ourselves. When we go to work each day our mindset should be to do our best in whatever task we have ahead of us. This also means being an employee that is filled with integrity and truth. We have people that rely on our honesty in the workplace. When we are truthful we become reliable employees and make it easier for others to depend on us for our work and what we have to bring. If we are dishonest, we are not only ruining our work ethic, but we are also ruining the workflow of the company. The more transparent and reliable you strive to be in a company the further you will go. Imagine a situation where an employee makes a mistake and will not confess to the mistake even when they are asked. That employee is setting themselves up for failure because instead of coming clean with their mistake, they are creating an even bigger mess for themselves. Sarah Y. Tse, co-author of From Illusion to Reality, speaks on the importance of integrity. She expresses that if you're someone who does not take responsibility for your actions, repairs those mistakes, and helps solves problems, then you become a liability to the company. Strive to be an honest employee in everything you do.

Grateful: I am grateful that God sees my heart and knows me so deeply. I am grateful that He pushes me to be a reliable and honest person each day.

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Contributor: Jessica Carrera holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing and a minor in Biblical Studies from Biola University. She aspires to touch the lives of others through her words.

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