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Sarah Y. Tse

About the Author

Why I Decided to Write

The inspiration for my first book, 7 Years on the Front Line, came from the unconditional love and support of my confidants. I needed to emotionally heal from my experiences, so my mother, my primary source of support, encouraged me in 2013 to write down my personal journey. She, along with my close friends, challenged me to share the wisdom learned from my unique and challenging experiences for the benefit other people. I wanted to thank these people who stood faithfully by my side throughout the ordeal, so I wrote. 


While writing, my purpose for the book was to give hope and empowerment to those who have been battered in this world. I explicitly detailed my struggles and mistakes, vulnerably exposing my hardships for everyone to see, with the hope that readers would realize that they are not alone in their own struggles. As I endured and triumphed over adversity with the help of God, I know that my readers can do the same – they just need some encouragement. I want those who read my book to be inspired by the fact that God is for them and not against them – when they proactively reach out to God, they will find that He is already there to meet them. My overarching message is simply that there is a purpose for everything that happens in our lives, including adversity. No matter who you are, everybody loses hope and reaches rock bottom at some point. However, I want to teach my readers to not waste their pain, but to use it to benefit themselves and others. The lessons gained from affliction teach us things we could not learn any other way, and this hope not only applies to the business world, but to one’s personal and spiritual life as well. 


My Experience as an Author

My writing journey began in 2011 during my 7 years of adversity, particularly while filing my first legal litigation against a former client. During this time, I wrote short stories about what I was going through, posting them on Facebook to express my heartbreak and frustration. I realized I enjoyed this medium of self-expression and, with practice, became more proficient in writing as time went by. Additionally, as the CEO of both TSE Worldwide Press and United Yearbook Printing, I have helped publish over 1,000 titles between the two companies within the past decade, accomplishing the dreams of authors and self-publishers alike. Each position I held during my varied career path has played a significant role in preparing me for what I am currently doing – in particular, my years of training in graphic design, prepress, and commercial printing have equipped me for the meticulous detail and accuracy required for completing complex, color-specific book projects. This skill has set me apart from the traditional printing market, and elevated my expertise in the manufacturing of complicated, innovative, non-traditional books.


By self-publishing my own book, my eyes have been opened to the experience of my clients, giving me a deeper understanding of their passion for their projects. I also realized that I am blessed to already have the resources I need, while most self-publishers have to research and put a lot of effort into finding their resources. In particular, I have my skill as a graphic designer, over 30 years of experience in commercial printing, writers and editors at my disposal, and an admirable production team that monitors the specifics of the printing and manufacturing of my product. Because of this personal advantage, I have a deeper respect for my clients and the trepidation they must feel in finding the resources they need. Through this new experience, my perception of the self-publishing process has changed, especially regarding my understanding of the obstacles faced by self-publishers during marketing and distribution. Most of the new authors I have met hold the faulty belief that, because they are so passionate, their book will immediately become a New York Times Bestseller. However, this is not the case, and a large amount of time, energy, and focus must be put into marketing and distribution in order to give a book wings. I am excited to use what I have learned in my own personal experiences as a self-publisher to enhance the services I can provide for my clients.

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