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When graduating college and entering the working world, many students feel lost and are often horribly unprepared. Why is this? It all boils down to the importance of work ethic, integrity, and of course a willingness to do research instead of just charging blindly into your professional life. This book intends to expose the mistaken beliefs of college graduates, while also providing a dedicated space for practical tips that evoke a positive mental shift. Also included is a chapter on career prep, which will help you take practical steps towards discovering your potential future career. The advice given in this book covers both personal and professional life, since the level of excellence you demonstrate in one area will often impact the other. From Illusion to Reality will provide readers with a better understanding of their calling, as well as hope for the future and a passion that will drive them towards their goals. With personal anecdotes from the authors themselves as well as from graduates and working professionals from all walks of life, this book is both engaging and grounded in real life, not in abstract or elitist ideas. Written for average to advanced readers, this book is an easy but engaging read that will put you on the right professional track, or at the very least make your options a little clearer than they were before you picked up the book.

Meet the Authors

Sarah Y. Tse

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Sarah Y. Tse is an immigrant from Hong Kong, having come to America at the age of 18 for her education. She received her M.A. in International Business and Marketing from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and her B.A. in Computer Graphics Design from Biola University. She co-founded TSE Worldwide Press with her late father in 2004, and established United Yearbook Printing in 2008. Sarah takes pleasure in mentoring and teaching others the art of self-publishing, especially with those who are first-time authors, teenagers, or community leaders such as police officers, school administrators, and school teachers. Above all else, Sarah is passionate about empowering people to see and activate the God-given potential which resides in each of us. Sarah’s motto is “You can do it!”

Dr. J. Jeff McHugh

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Jeff McHugh spent 35 years in executive leadership positions at medical device and life sciences corporation, Beckman Coulter.  He has a BA in Economics from Stanford University, an MBA from USC's Marshall School of Business, and an EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership from USC's Rossier School of Education.  Jeff began his teaching career as an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business in 2007 before becoming an Associate Professor at Biola University's Crowell School of Business in 2013.  He is passionate about career preparation and his #1 hobby is golf.

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Robert T. Curtis

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Bob Curtis retired from a career in the telecommunications industry.  He currently serves as the Director of the MBA Mentor program and teaches business finance at Biola University Crowell School of Business.  He received his MBA from UCLA.

Bob and his wife Christie are passionate about investing in the next generation of Christian leaders. They enjoy surfing and family activities.  

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