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Sarah Y. Tse

the C0-Author of
From Illusion to Reality

Inspiring ideas come when you least expect it!
One afternoon, back in December 2020, I went hiking with close friends not realizing I would end the day with an inspiration to write my second book, Illusion to Reality. One of the hikers that day was my friend’s 15-year-old son, Aaron, who I’ve known since his birth. He is an exceptional young man who runs his own ecommerce business. As we hiked, we enjoyed a conversation about thoughts and ideas concerning current affairs. Aaron shared with me his thoughts related to his peers and older college-age friends who seem to have no direction in life, or do not have a clue about what to do with their lives. Although he is young, he has the impression his generation feels a sense of entitlement and expects easy hand-outs from the government instead of having to work hard for what they receive. During the conversation, I concurred with his assessment and decided to write about this topic. Together, we came up with the title name. A year went by, and with the help of Professors McHugh and Curtis from Biola University, other Biola alumni, and my editorial staff, my book Illusion to Reality was penned.

There are two fold lessons from this story: 1). Ideas come when you least expect it and often come during moments of relaxation and rest, especially in environments of nature. 2). Take the steps to move forward with the idea so it will reach fulfillment. Otherwise, the idea remains that, an idea, and the dream never transforms into real life.

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