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Business Meeting

Career Strong

Friday, August 12, 2022 9:00am

A Webinar on How to position yourself for career and financial success

after college graduation

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Presented by Sarah Y. Tse,
Co-Founder & CEO at TSE Worldwide Press, Inc.

Sarah Y. Tse received her MBA from Cal Poly Pomona, and her B.A. in Graphic Design from Biola University. After co-founding TSE Worldwide Press with her late father in 2004, Sarah then established United Yearbook Printing in 2008. She released her memoir 7 Years on the Front Line in March 2020, in which she shares valuable business lessons and life stories in hopes of inspiring others. She co-authored a career guide book titled From Illusion to Reality with Professors Jeff McHugh and "Bob" Curtis from Biola University in July 2021. FITR provides proven tips in career success and aims to help new college graduates to stay on the right professional track and experience career success after graduation. Sarah is deeply passionate about empowering people, especially younger professionals, to explore their gifts, goals, and calling. Sarah has been providing hands-on job training to those who are new in the workforce & mentoring top performers for over 20 years.

In this webinar we will cover

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