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Two Sides to Every Story

Proverbs 18:17 The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.

Insight: Many of the verses in the bible appear to be simple to obey, yet when we closely examine them and try them ourselves, we find that they are more difficult upon demonstration. This verse is one that is clear in meaning. There are multiple times in culture when someone’s name gets brought up for committing a wrong. Whether that’s a celebrity, a well known politician, or a CEO. Many are so quick to “cancel” that person without hearing the full story. We have lost the component of grace in our lives. Sit for a moment, and think about how many things you have done wrong in just one day. This is not to make you feel bad, but to make you understand. Similar to someone else doing wrong, and us easily placing the blame on them, we do wrong every day. God, rather than releasing his wrath on us (which would be devastating), gives us grace. For those saved, he gives us a chance to apologize instead of quieting us before we get that chance. Let us remember that it is a blessing to be examined by God, and made right. It brings us closer to him and leads us on a better path for our lives.

Work Application: There are two sides to every story. This applies not only in our personal lives, but it is very apparent in the workplace as well. While one employee may be angry about the way a boss is handling a situation, from the boss’ point of view, they have likely thought over that issue a lot, and have come up with what they feel is the best solution for it. Although it might not seem fair to the workers, they are not the ones in charge. In From Illusion to Reality, co- author Sarah Tse mentions an employee that had made multiple mistakes, and did not take ownership over those mistakes (15-16). Rather than placing the blame on someone else, the employee should have taken ownership for their mistakes. Along with this, he should have made a note of what he had done wrong, and written down the correct way of completing the tasks that were given to him. Integrity is a big value in the workplace and the employee unfortunately lost out on the position, when he should have been honest in the first place. The point of the verse above, along with the story just shared, is to show that one must be aware of their mistakes, but also humble when they are in the wrong. This will lead to a positive workplace with authentic employees whom the company can depend on.

Gratitude: I am grateful that the Lord rights my wrongs by examining me. I appreciate that we have the ability to look at separate sides of the story, and come to a conclusion about what is true. I am thankful for absolute truth being found in Christ.

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Contributor: Alexis Anderson is an intern as a brand development managing editor at TSE Worldwide Press. She is a senior at Biola University, studying English with an emphasis in writing, along with a minor in Biblical Studies. Alexis aims to inspire others through her words and character.

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