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A Survival Guide for Small Businesses Undergoing an IRS Audit

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Undergoing an IRS audit can be a scary experience, especially if you are a small business that can’t afford to waste time or money. So, what can you do to survive the event?

· First and foremost, remain cooperative from the start. If you dig your heels in and argue, you will

waste time while increasing suspicion.

· Second, give them every little thing they ask for, even though it’s inconvenient, and answer every

question. One of the most important things you can do is make sure to leave no stone unturned,

because if you’ve done nothing wrong then you truly have nothing to hide. If you focus on gathering

the necessary evidence without hesitation or omission, then you will prove your innocence by your

willingness to cooperate.

· Third, even though you may have every right to be indignant with the IRS, whether it be because of

an unjustified audit or a demand for more evidence than necessary, it is vital to maintain a good

attitude throughout the process. Inconvenience is a small price to pay when the integrity and

reputation of your business are on the line.

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