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Righteous People Amidst Condemnation

Bible verse: Proverbs 14:34 "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people."

Insight: There is no perfect nation. We have been taken over by greed, sin, and corruption. We live in a world that is corrupt—plain and simple. Just because we live in this type of nation, does not mean that we have to be these types of people. We cannot be both—we are either people who make up a corrupt nation or those who walk in the righteousness of God. Truthfully, it can be very overwhelming to look at the society we live in and realize how far from God it has become. We are not exempt from being a part of the nation we live in, but we can be the difference in our walks with God. We need to truly look at ourselves and ask ourselves the tough questions regarding our alignment with God's word. Are we part of the nation's corruption or, are we seeking the redemptive light of God? There is a beauty in knowing that as we follow God, we follow His truth and righteousness. We cannot change the entirety of society, but we can take little steps to show those around us the righteousness of God and bring others to Him.

Work application: Not every person gets the ability to work in a Christian environment. Other people’s practices may feel like they go against the righteous nature of God (truthfully this can happen in both a non-Christian and Christian environment). There was once a scandal that occurred within an airplane manufacturing company. The gist of the scandal lay in the fact that one of the engineers made faulty brakes that shouldn't have passed any of the tests it had to go through, yet through some shady tactics, it passed. A younger engineer tried to warn the older engineer and higher-ups of the faultiness of the engineering, but the older engineer was too angry and didn't want to learn from the younger engineer or admit his downfalls. The team of higher-ups wanted to ensure that the brakes would pass inspection even with the knowledge that they were not engineered correctly. This is an example of how fallen and corrupt a company can be. This is a testament to how truly fallen the world is in every way. We have to ask ourselves how we would combat such corruption in the workplace. Would it even make sense to stay with that company? Sarah Y. Tse, co-author of From Illusion to Reality speaks on some dishonesty she faced in the workplace. She had to take a step back when she faced this difficulty and step out into her faith. She had to make sure her actions aligned with God and continue on from there. This is where we as Christians must take on the righteous nature of God and be the light that those around us desperately need.

Grateful: I am grateful that even though the world can be daunting, I serve a God that has overcome the world.

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Contributor: Jessica Carrera holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing and a minor in Biblical Studies from Biola University. She aspires to touch the lives of others through her words.

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