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The Goodwill of Grace

Updated: May 11, 2022

Bible verse: Proverbs 14:9 "Fools mock at making amends for sin, but goodwill is found among the upright."

Insight: Forgiveness plays a powerful role in our lives. It's beautiful that Christ died for our sins and paid our debts, but we can't use the grace of God as an excuse to avoid making amends. We should never take God's forgiveness for granted, and we should never use it as a tool to do more wrong than good. Our lives get to be testimonies of God's goodness—what an honor! People will see us going out of our way in kindness to uplift another person in our words and actions and they will see the glory of God in our lives. We must also learn to lay down our mistakes at the cross and learn from them. We do not want to be the fool who is too proud to admit when we did something wrong. This flows into any relationship we have, we end up hurting others by our inability to acknowledge where we fall short. When we're too proud to admit those mistakes we also miss the opportunity to be a person who grows and learns from our downfalls. We should also hold ourselves accountable to be forgiving people. The truth is that forgiveness is hard. It's hard because we can mindlessly say the words, "I forgive you," with ease, but unless our hearts are free from the hurt we've endured, we're not going to truly forgive. Here's a little reminder for you today: If there's someone you need to forgive today, keep praying for healing and pray that you can truly forgive them.

Work application: Having "goodwill" does not stop at the workplace. God never told us to change our loving nature in different settings. We can still be a testament to God's grace and forgiveness in our lives and at work. Small acts of kindness that show God's love make all the difference, and carrying the wisdom of God in our workdays also makes all the difference. When we are able to recognize and learn from our mistakes and downfalls we will inevitably grow as a person and as a worker. Instead of being too proud to admit that you completed a task wrong or that you spoke wrongly against a co-worker, you must simply be willing to learn and grow. Co-author of From Illusion to Reality, Sarah Y. Tse, speaks on integrity and strength of character. She explains that this type of honest character is built by the consistency of truthful actions. When you take on that type of character, grow from your mistakes, and be a person of integrity, you will be a valuable and trusted employee for the company.

Grateful: I am grateful for the cross that bears my burdens. I am grateful for the forgiveness and grace of God and that I am able to exalt Him every single day. I am grateful that I am able to extend forgiveness to others.

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Contributor: Jessica Carrera holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing and a minor in Biblical Studies from Biola University. She aspires to touch the lives of others through her words.

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