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The Impact of Mentorship

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Although I am relatively new to the workforce, I have experienced the huge impact that mentorship has already had on my life. It helps guide me, forces me to face my weaknesses, and teaches me invaluable lessons I will never forget. Over the last year, I had the honor of working on the book The Art of Mentoring: Iron Sharpens Iron by the late Harold Taber Jr. Because of this project, I gained a special appreciation for how mentorship impacts individuals in both their personal and professional lives. I can attest to the positive results produced for a company that encourages and practices mentorship among its employees.

Mentorship can happen anywhere from anyone. Regardless of your position or status, you are able to mentor others and be an influence! A mentee-mentor relationship may easily switch roles and the mentee can become the mentor. And, it can happen anywhere! Sometimes the person greeting you at the grocery store will say something that touches your heart so deeply that you take those words wherever you go—another form of mentorship. There is value in the mentorship we give and receive daily. Because of this, there is a necessity for mentorship to happen in a company and as an individual.

Mentorship is becoming increasingly popular in the professional world. Companies intentionally incorporate mentorship because they see the value of the investment in an employee's growth. Ultimately, it benefits the company's productivity and employee health. Combining great minds together to share wisdom and learn from each other is appreciated. They see the value there is when one long-term worker is able to take in a newer hire under their arm and go through the ropes with them–teaching them how to show up for the job each day and put in 100% of their effort.

One of the things that we do to keep mentorship at the forefront of our work at TSE Worldwide Press is to have weekly collaboration meetings. I look forward to these meetings every single week. We discuss personal matters, including what we request prayer for, and then we pray for each other and company-related business. We give each other necessary constructive feedback. This time offers us an opportunity to shape the work we do into something excellent. It may not seem like a formal way of mentoring, but it is the art of mentorship at work. As we speak freely, giving opinions and advice, we learn how much sharper many minds are than one. The decisions we make now as a company come from many who have thought them through fervently, discussed pros and cons, and offered different perspectives. We continue to sharpen the company, and each other, as each week passes.

If you take the time to listen to others, you might just be surprised by how they will impact your life.

As an individual, this kind of work environment has made a significant difference in my work performance and personal growth. I feel so grateful for the feedback I get and the ability to bounce ideas off of my Editor-in-Chief as she mentors me to craft my own skill and be diligent in my editing. There are many times that editing becomes like a conversation. I’ll insert a few suggestions, and if someone disagrees, we come to a better conclusion together. Not only has this refined my editing skills, but as a writer, I am grateful for the care that I know is put into my work. When I was working on The Art of Mentoring: Iron Sharpens Iron, I was taken aback by how brilliant something became when many worked together. I edited and was mentored by the author, the late Harold Taber Jr. to willingly listen to the wisdom others pour into me. During my time as an intern at TSE Worldwide Press, I was mentored to do everything with excellence and now this is my unchangeable standard. Mentorship can take different forms. However, one thing is sure, if you take the time to listen to others, you might just be surprised by how they will impact your life.

I urge you to ask for feedback, be a listener, and be receptive of the advice you receive.

Being new to the workforce comes with unique challenges. As you acclimate to the new work environment around you and constantly push yourself to be the best you can be, feedback is essential. This isn’t to say that many years into the workforce it’s not going to be integral to your performance. But I encourage you to take the feedback and mentorship around you as an opportunity to grow where you are now. In fact, I urge you to ask for feedback, be a listener, and be receptive of the advice you receive. Reach out to your peers, to your supervisors, and be intentional during this time. As I said, this is a critical time for you to learn from those around you.

If you really want to dive into mentorship and the drastic impact it can have on you as an individual and the way you do business, I suggest picking up a copy of The Art of Mentoring: Iron Sharpens Iron as soon as possible. It is available on Amazon as well as our website. As you become more receptive to the mentors in your life, it will undeniably leave a lasting impact.

Contributor: Jessica Carrera, Associate Editor at TSE Worldwide Press, holds a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing from Biola University. She aspires to touch the lives of others through her words.

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