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Revolutionizing employee performance reviews

Employee performance reviews

As a business leader and entrepreneur, my employees are my biggest investment. I don’t take their annual reviews lightly. It is important for me to be truthful, specific, and accurate. I strive to be innovative and handle these reviews in a rather unconventional way. I view an employee’s annual review as a vital part of the health and growth of my organization. Any employer or supervisor who gives reviews of any kind to an employee must not take it casually or use it as an opportunity to attack, take revenge, or even terminate an employee. Your priority is for the review to be accurate, mutual, and free from any emotions or drama. Here are my top tips on how to conduct a successful annual review with an employee to help them find meaning and purpose in their work life.


  1. Find a location outside of the reviewer’s office to conduct the review. For example, a café, coffee house, outside, or a nice spot located in the company office. Put the employee in an environment where they will feel comfortable and relaxed.

  2. Let the employee review their previous reviews ahead of time so they can evaluate their employment history.

  3. During the review, ask questions according to the review chart. Be an active listener and encourage the employee to share their feedback.

  4. After the one-on-one meeting, have the employee write their own reflection on the review. This gives them the space to assess the above discussion and provide recommendations for their improvement.

  5. In the reflection review, create a space for the employee to recommend to the upper management how they can help the employee accomplish their goals. This promote a sense of accountability for the employee as well as provides the space to share the kind of accountability they need.

  6. When the reflection review is completed, schedule another meeting with them before finalizing it with the action plans they have set up. Coordinate the next review date so that they are prepared for the next meeting.

  7. Waiting for the review date can be very stressful for the employee. Celebrate with them after the review meeting by giving them a THANK YOU card with a gift card attached to it or take them out to lunch to further show the appreciation of their hard work in the past year.

  8. Meet with the employee every four months to go over their progress and provide them with recommendations where you see fit.


An effective annual interview is vital for the health and success of any organization! Employees often discover hidden issues and areas for growth during this process. Employees are in the best position to address these issues because they have an inside look of the work they do daily. They are the most qualified to provide feedback and recommendations to their company, rather than any outside consultants.

Portrait of Sarah Y Tse
Sarah Y Tse

Contributor: Sarah Y. Tse is the CEO of TSE Worldwide Press, Inc. and Founder of United Yearbook Printing Services. She is the author of 7 Years on the Front Line and co-author of From Illusion to Reality: True Stories and Practical Advice on How to Prepare for Career Success Before Graduating From College. Sarah currently serves as a mentor and speaker at Biola University's Crowell School of Business, and is deeply passionate about empowering people, especially younger professionals, to explore their gifts, goals, and calling.

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