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7 Years on the Front Line (Mobi)

7 Years on the Front Line (Mobi)


Mobi version of 7 Years on the Front Line



What My Book is About, and Who Should Read It

"This book recounts my personal stories, collected from seven long years of non-stop legal litigations and business setbacks. I experienced bitter betrayals, cutthroat lawyers, and a devastating death in my own family during this time, and it felt as if I would never get relief. The people who should read this book are those who have lost hope, which is everybody at some point, if we’re being honest. I wanted to give up at many different points of my journey, and I share the valuable lessons I learned from not giving into that desire. My book demonstrates how you can personally be a stronger and more noble person in everything you do, which is why I believe it is truly for everybody." - Sarah Y. Tse

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