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From Illusion to Reality (ePub)

From Illusion to Reality (ePub)


Upon graduating college and entering the working world, many students feel lost and are often inadequately prepared. Why is this? It all boils down to the importance of work ethic, integrity, and a willingness to do research instead of just charging blindly into your professional life. This book intends to expose the mistaken beliefs of college graduates, while also providing a dedicated space for practical tips that evoke a positive mental shift. Also included is a section on career preparation, which will help you take practical steps toward discovering your potential future career. The advice given in this book covers both personal and professional life, since the level of excellence you demonstrate in one area will often impact the other. From Illusion to Reality will provide readers with a better understanding of their calling, as well as hope for the future and a passion that will drive them toward their goals. With personal anecdotes from the authors themselves as well as from graduates and working professionals from different walks of life, this book is both engaging and grounded in real life experience, not in abstract or elitist ideas. Written for average to advanced readers, this book is an easy but engaging read that will put you on the right professional track.

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