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7 Years on the Front Line (Premium Edition)

7 Years on the Front Line (Premium Edition)


Hardcover: 7" X 9", 132 pages

ISBN#: 978-0-578-49421-0

Library of Congress Control Number: 2019908398

Specifications: 7"x9" (Portrait), smyth-sewn, hardbound, and full-color print at 200 line-screen. In addition, exceptional "post-press" treatments have been added: embossing, spot UV, and a coating of smudge-free matte lamination which wraps gracefully around the entire cover case. This distinctive book is purposefully made to last for many years while maintaining Sarah's personal touch, an elegant appearance, and a silky luxurious feel.



What My Book is About, and Who Should Read It

"This book recounts my personal stories, collected from seven long years of non-stop legal litigations and business setbacks. I experienced bitter betrayals, cutthroat lawyers, and a devastating death in my own family during this time, and it felt as if I would never get relief. The people who should read this book are those who have lost hope, which is everybody at some point, if we’re being honest. I wanted to give up at many different points of my journey, and I share the valuable lessons I learned from not giving into that desire. My book demonstrates how you can personally be a stronger and more noble person in everything you do, which is why I believe it is truly for everybody." - Sarah Y. Tse



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